High Class Rental

【Limited period only】New rental services – a project to support your stay at home -
<Free of charge of delivery & no rental fee for the first month>

Nippon Violin, which has been dealing in more than 70 Stradivarius,
delivers a starter’s set of a carefully selected high-class violin to your home.
- Enrich your time at home by playing the violin. -

These days more people are spending time at home to prevent COVID-19.
We suppose some are starting new hobbies that have not been available before, like playing an instrument.
Nippon Violin delivers a set of a carefully selected violin “to your home” free of charge of delivery.
Moreover, to sincerely support those who would like to spend and enrich daily life with music,
we charge no rental fee for the first month.
Furthermore, we offer advice for beginners to make your start relaxed and enjoyable.
Would you start the violin? Just try it for three months.

We recommend these services to those who:

  • Have a little child in the important growing period of the hearing sense, and would like to have him/her learn the violin of high quality sound. (Fractional sizes are available.)
  • Would like to start the violin, but refrain from going out to an instrument shop.
  • Would like to try a one-rank higher violin by making the most of the time at home.
  • Have a violin of his/her own but would like to try playing a high-class violin from ours.

Process of High-Class Violin Rental – carefully selected 〜 Care by professionals from the start to the aftercare 〜

  1. 1After receiving your application form, we respond to you by email or phone, then we explain details of each plan (standard, silver, gold and black).
  2. 2After choosing a plan, we receive more of your requests about your favorite sounds, like large volume, deep and dignified feeling, louder high tones or low tones, etc.
  3. 3To meet such requests, professionals at our atelier, who have more than 30 year experiences, render careful adjustment to the instrument.
    Basically, violins for all of the plans (standard, silver, gold and black) are adjusted according to applicants’ requests by experienced professionals who have adjusted the largest number of celebrated instruments including Stradivarii in Japan.
  4. 4After adjustment, our sales staffers check the sound.
  5. 5Preparation for delivery by our originally-developed packaging. → Dispatch.
    ※ About safety of delivery Our originally-developed cardboard packaging kit for violin transportation has been receiving high reputation from our customers for its safety in transportation since our foundation.
    Should any accident occur in transportation, please rest assured that the damages would be covered by the indemnity insurance that we have contracted.
  6. 6After your receiving the instrument, we ask your comments or feeling about it. If the sound is not what you hope for, we are able to offer readjustment or replacement.
  7. 7During the two-week trial period, if you find anything unclear about how to treat it, basic movements and so on, we offer you online support (20 min) if you would like.


  • The delivery cost of the instrument is paid by us.
  • The rental package is basically for three months.
  • If you make a rental contract before the two-week trial ends, we are able to offer you a three-month rental, with the first month free of charge, and with the other two month rental fee paid at one time in advance. After the three-month period, you are also able to renew the rental contract.
  • After your receiving the instrument, we offer an online free lesson for 20 minutes if you would like, on how to treat the instrument and basic movements. If you would like to take more lessons, we are able to offer you online lessons of Nippon Violin Academy with additional charge (one lesson: 3,700 yen/ 30 min).

Rental instrument

Please See the following example.

Black planJanuarius Gagliano 1754
A son of Alessandro Gagliano, who started the Gagliano family in Naples. He is well known as well as his younger brother Nicoló as the most excellent instrument makers of the Gagliano family. His instruments made between 1750 and 1760 show clear influence from Stradivarius. The number of his instruments is not so large, but each and every instrument of his is highly refined. Their deep sounds have been sought for and loved by many soloists.
Black planLorenzo Ventapane ca1825 Naples
Let us introduce a violin made by Lorenzo Ventapane in the early 19th century.
Lorenzo Ventapane is top ranked in Naples school and has received an excellent reputation as well as the Gagliano family.
Some say he was a pupil of Giovanni Gagliano, and his making style shows many points of influence from the Gagliano family. The most obvious examples are the paper used as a material for the black line on the purfling, and the f-holes cut in almost parallel with the body.
This instrument was made in the early 19th century and covered with soft red-brown varnish on the base of beautifully reflecting golden-brown, which holds a different mood from a little greenish varnish that many of the Gagliano family’s artwork preserve.
With its powerful sounds woven from the smooth arch as well as its deep sounds, it is a real gem that would be able to meet requests by soloists in a large hall.
Gold planMario Gadda
A son of Gaetano Gadda – one and only person who succeeded to the atelier of Stefano Scarampella, a master in Mantova. He left many instruments for the following generations as his father did, of which robust sound has received an excellent reputation from many professional players.
Silver planErminio Malagutti
Born in 1914. He studied instrument-making at the atelier of Stefano Scarampella in Mantova, a modern-Italian master, and got independent with an atelier in Milan in 1938. He followed Scarampella’s style through his life, and received a gold medal in the cello-making category of the instrument-making competition in Cremona in 1976.
Most of his instruments have been exported to US, where they have been loved by many players.
Standard planSilvio Arietta
We have prepared instrument sets of reasonable prices for those who are thinking of raising the size of a fractional violin or of starting learning the stringed instrument. This set includes all the necessary kit to start the instrument learning, so you can rest easy to wait for a set to arrive at your hand and just start playing.
This violin set of our original is made under the concept; “Beginners should learn genuine values.” From selection of materials to vanish to the final setting up, under instructions from experienced craftsmen, with no compromise, each of the instruments is carefully finished up. Its soft delighted sound will bring excellent sound-feeling and impress your heart so that you would like to play more and more.
Specially for this new rental project, we have upgraded every detail of the instrument.

Monthly rental fees

  • Standard plan:9,800 yen/monthNippon Violin’s original set (instrument, bow, case), market price of 220,000 yen.
  • Silver plan:19,800 yen/monthInstrument set of our recommendation, market price of 1,000,000 – 2,000,000 yen.
  • Gold plan:33,000 yen/monthInstrument set of our recommendation, market price of 3,000,000 yen.
    ※With your request, our sales staffer delivers it to your home.
  • Black plan:Ask us.Instrument of our recommendation (Old or Modern), market price of 100,000USD – 1,000,000USD.


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※ Limited to residents in Japan.