Joseph Rocca 1846 / Enrico Rocca 1913


Joseph Rocca 1846

Joseph Rocca, Enrico Rocca’s father, is one of the most highly reputed violin makers of the 19th century. This violin is a piece of his golden period (approx. 1835 - 1855). It is said that his circumstances mostly kept him away from good materials, but this violin shows such beautiful grains on the back that people would like to call it ‘Dolphin.’ From such good wood, we can read that he was successful in obtaining the best materials in his golden period. Its perfect form and signs of his elaboration remind us of Stradivarius’ golden period. Putting the other violins of Jeseph Rocca’s far behind, this violin deserves the name of the best masterpiece of Rocca. Looking back to all of Joseph Roccas that Nippon Violin has handled so far, we can say that this is absolutely the topranked piece.

Enrico Rocca 1913

Though his father and master Joseph’s existence was charismatic, Enrico Rocca diligently sought and reached his own world. Labels on his pieces show that he was awarded in many international luthier competitions. He was handed over his father’s making methods and tools, and the pieces of his early days show many similarities to his father Joseph’s, but ones of his later days show his own world, still influenced by his father, lifting him up to the topranked position as a violin maker in the short period, closer to his father’s reputation.
This Enrico Rocca is so perfect that almost all the experts reputed it as “Excellent state of preservation” and guaranteed its high quality. The body is large with the length of 35.6 cm. The material selection show no compromise. Its beautiful cornering of Enrico Rocca’s own is elegance and dignity themselves, which cannot be expressed through photography.