J. B. Guadagnini 1769 has joined our stock.

21 Jul 2017

A beautiful Guadagnini of his Parma period has joined our stock.
It was made two years before he moved his atelier to Torino in 1771. Though it was a different violin from one called G. B. Guadagnini 1769 “ex-Kingman,” made in the same year, featured on p. 294 of “Four Centuries of Violin Making” issued by the major auction house, Sotheby’s, its varnish, materials, form and all the other factors are reputed as ‘Almost Identical’ (according to Peter Buddluph certificate) with the ex-Kingman, and it is recognized as one of the typical pieces of his Parma period.
Guadagnini has high reputation as the next Stradivarius. Please see and try the piece of his Parma period that can rarely be found in the market.

Year of making: 1769
Place of making: Parma, Italy
Length of back: 352 mm