Violin Enrico Marchetti 1922 is now in our stock.


Violin Enrico Marchetti 1922 is now in our stock.
Marchetti is known as one of the most excellent violin makers in Torino in the 20th century, where the violin making history saw its big prosperity. Born in Milan in 1855, studied in Antonio Guadagnini’s atelier, and received medals in many competitions. He never settled down in one place and often moved in Piemonte by 1912. Afterwards, he had an atelier in Torino to keep making violins until he died in 1930. It is said that his excellent assistant Anselmo Curletto worked on some parts of the instruments of his later years.

Its original pattern created in influences by many Piemontese craftsmen, combined with a beautifully-angled arch to produce brilliant volume. Beautiful slab cut wood on the back. Gentle but deep, heartwarming tones.

We will welcome your coming to try this precious artwork from Torino of the 20th century.

Place of making
Torino, Italy
Year of making
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