Violin Carlo Giuseppe Testore 1690 was sold.


Violin Carlo Giuseppe Testore 1690 was sold.
Carlo Giuseppe Testore was born in Novara, Piemonte, Italy in 1660, and started making violins as an apprentice of Grancino in Milan in about 1683.
He is known as the best violin maker in the Testore Family. Much influenced by Amati and Stradivari, inheriting Milanese original low arches (Grancino’s included), he left excellent artwork behind.
The number of instruments he made was not very large, but he took in many models of Amati, Strad, Guarneri and Gioffredo Cappa.
Among his artwork, this instrument of the year of 1690 deserves special attention for taking in the model of G. B. Rogeri, a violin maker from Brescia of his identical generation, whose existence was very important to Carlo Giuseppe Testore.
High percentage of the original red brown varnish still remains, and the instrument itself has been preserved in very good condition.

With deep tones of over 300 years, combined with powerful and brilliant volume, this old Italian violin can be said to be most suitable for a soloist.

Place of making
Milan, Italy
Year of making
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