Nippon Violin held the 1st NIPPON VIOLIN TRUNK SHOW 2020 in New York


Nippon Violin held the 1st NIPPON VIOLIN TRUNK SHOW 2020 in New York for two days on Feb 22nd and 23rd, 2020.
The venue was a penthouse room in the Plaza Hotel from which the spectacle of Central Park could be enjoyed. The celebrated instruments strictly selected for this show were placed in the living room of the modern classic interior in the noble and calm atmosphere.
Placed here and there in the room were Gagliano, Guadagnini, Ruggieri and Guarneri “DEL GESU.” All of them were high-class old instruments. The most outstanding of them all were the six Stradivarii placed on the oval table. The violins on the table were placed so as to follow the transition of Stradivari’s making patterns chronologically; starting with “De Ahna” 1683, a masterpiece of his early days as a craftsman, next with “Marquis de Riviere”1711 and “San Lorenzo” 1718 from his golden period, and finally “Artot Alard” 1728 of his later years.

In the breakroom, placed were top-ranked modern violins including Joseph Rocca, Enrico Rocca and J. F. Pressenda.

Visiting was accepted by appointment only. To have a calm and pacific time, one hour was allotted only for one group. After the announcement of our TRUNK SHOW to be held in New York, we received many responses from various quarters, and appointment allotments became soon full though we added some time-allotments for additional appointments afterwards.
Every group of friends and acquaintances seemed to be absorbed in the dreamlike atmosphere developed in a hotel room, trying to enjoy the most of the limited opportunity.
In the TRUNK SHOW, every visitor could touch and take a close look at any instrument. It is very rare that so many celebrated instruments like these gather at one place, so every visitor nearly or actually sighed from marvels deployed in front of their eyes, within the reach of their hands.
Value of a violin varies depending on who wants it. Many of the visitors were players, but some of them enjoyed seeing the various forms of the instruments as molding artwork, others enjoyed seeing how beautiful the grain of wood and varnish were as art objects.

Mr. Nakazawa, our Representative Director, mentioned the rarity importance of Stradivarii’s exposure to the public, when he was describing a story of and how to make use of each of the displayed instruments.

(photo: right)Mr. Sota Nakazawa, Representative Director of Nippon Violin Co., Ltd.

Nakazawa said, “There were more than 1,000 instruments claimed to be made by Stradivari in his life time, about 600 of which still exist today. But very few of them are out on the market. The number is said to be about 50.”

One instrument shop in Asia brought the strictly selected six violins to expose them in a private sale. That event was welcome with surprise and delightedness by the chief player in New York Philharmonic, the concert master of Columbia Symphony Orchestra, many other visitors and the overseas press.

In the TRUNK SHOW, there were a photo shooting and an interview with Mr. Andrea Obiso, who has been installed this year as the concert master of Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia "One of the top 10 orchestras in the world”

NIPPON VIOLIN TRUNK SHOW 2020 is scheduled to be held inside and outside Japan, including Tokyo, Seoul, London, Osaka, Cremona, etc.
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