About Nippon Violin Society


Nippon Violin Society
- A new organization to connect between musicians and investors -

Relationship between violinists and patrons who provide them with expensive violins have backed up the history of music through centuries.
To expand this fortunate relationship by including more people, we have started a membership program, Nippon Violin Society.

Even if a violinist has no such connection, he/she may have an opportunity to meet an investor and rent a worldwide celebrated instrument which has gone too far from an individual player because of its extremely high price.
On the other hand, by loaning out an instrument, the investor may be able to see the value of the instrument of his/her possession rise while contributing to support of talented artists and advancement of music and art.

Our belief is that we are able to offer “social contribution style of investment” to investors by giving more opportunities to young talents who will lead the next generation of music world through this Society. It is a new type of investment that cannot be found in ordinary financial products.

Privileges of Membership Offered by Nippon Violin

  • ・Introduction between musicians and investors
  • ・Agency services of communication with and selection of violin users
  • ・Prepare a contract document for a musician and an investor on loaning a violin
  • ・To hold a ceremony to hand a violin to a musician
  • ・Introduction of violins of high asset value and worldwide highly reputable quality of sounds
  • ・Maintenance and sound adjustment of the instrument
  • ・Introduction to insurances for instruments
  • ・To hold concerts of the instrument users

Monthly membership: ¥50,000 (for one instrument)

Contact us for more details.