Notice on Cello Fair for 20th Aug

1 Aug 2017

Led by Matteo Goffriller, precious cellos will be exhibited in the Cello Fair in Nippon Violin Art Salon only on one day, 20th Aug (Sun).

Specially featured are Miremont, made in France and owned by the late celebrated cellist, Pierre Fournier, the topranked modern Italians including, S. Scarampella and C. G. Oddonethe, and contemporaries including Francesco Bissolotti. On the exhibition day, cellos alone will be specially priced.

We will also offer a special time with a lecture concert, with a cello made by Mr. Hayato Nagaishi, a luthier residing in Cremona, Italy, who was awarded in one of the three greatest luthier competitions in the world. The lecturer is Mr. Nagaishi himself, and the cello performer is Ms. Hitomi Niikura, who was awarded ‘the 18th Hotel Okura Music Award’ last year and is receiving higher reputation. It will surely entertain your intellectual curiosity with sound of music. (Reservation required)

It is limited to only one day, but we will await your visiting to meet excellent instruments.

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