Member’s Point Card

Introduction to Nippon Violin “Member’s Point Card”

We appreciate your continued patronage.
“Nippon Violin Member’s Card” is a point accumulation system.
We offer the following privileges as a token of our appreciation of your continued patronage. We will welcome your entry.

Privileges of membership

  • When a member pays for repair, rehairing, strings and/or accessories (resin, shoulder rest, chin rest, etc.), 5 % of the amount he/she pays is accumulated as points.
  • If a member purchases anything during his/her birth month, 10 %, the double of the usual, of the payment is accumulated as points.
  • Members are always updated with information on events and new goods/instruments in our stock.
  • Our concert hall is available for specially discounted fees.
  • Accumulated points are deemed as ”1 point = 1 yen,” and the same amount is deducted at the member’s next payment if he/she would like. One unit of point-use is 500 points. A member can use 5,000 points at max. at one payment.

How to apply

Please fill out an application form and submit it in our shop in advance.

Membership Terms and Conditions


  1. Nippon Violin shall keep confidentiality of any registered information, and shall not provide a third party with any of the registered information or use it without advance agreement by the relevant member, except cases prescribed in these “Membership Terms and Conditions.”

(Change of Terms and Conditions)

  1. When part of the terms and conditions is changed, members are informed of the change, and contents of the change are announced on the website of Nippon Violin.
  2. (Withdrawal, Deregistration)

    1. Service members are enabled to withdraw from the membership anytime he/she would like to, according to the procedure prescribed by Nippon Violin.
    2. Nippon Violin is entitled to deregister any service membership without any advance notice if the member comes under any of the following conditions.

      (1) Part/the whole of the registered information is false.
      (2) Errors often occur when any information is sent to the member.
      (3) The member does not comply with these terms and conditions.

    (Handling of withdrawal or deregistration)

    When there is withdrawal from or deregistration of membership under the foregoing terms and conditions, Nippon Violin shall discard all the relevant information on the member from the media that have held it.