Munetsugu Angel
Violin Competition

For the young talents that will make next generation

As part of a special support program, we lend prestigious instruments including Stradivariuses.

Antonio Stradivarius “Rainville” 1697

The 1st prizeAntonio Stradivarius “Rainville” 1697

Stradivarius, admired not only by performers but also by luthiers. The maker’s life is divided into some periods, one of which is so-called the Golden Period (1700 - 1720) when his skills achieved their potentials. This violin was made some years before the Golden Period. Influence from his master, Amati, can be felt on the whole, but in particular, the top plate shows apparent influence from him. It does not have challenging characteristics that can be seen on the pieces of his later days, but it shows delicate and graceful body lines and a marvelous scroll. Its sound is marvelous, too. Clear and sheeny feeling of the sound features this violin.

This violin was owned by the late Mr. Norbert Brainin, who played the first violin in Amadeus String Quartet, one of the most renowned string quartets in the twentieth century. Afterwards, it was lent to the first prize winners of Forval Scholarship Stradivarius Concours successively, and was taken over to Munetsugu Angel Violin Competition. Many young violinists have performed on stages in the world with this violin to fascinate audiences.

Special rental toGyehee Kim Gyehee Kim

Micheal Angelo Bergonzi (Ex. Minz) 1764

The 2nd prizeMicheal Angelo Bergonzi (Ex. Minz) 1764

Carlo Bergonzi, a skilled artisan, was in the position to take over the Cremonese (Italy) tradition of string instrument making that was started by Amati. He was sometimes said to have surpassed his master, Antonio Stradivari. It has been said that he took over Antonio’s making tools and remaining materials after Antonio’s son, Omobono passed away. Carlo’s son, Micheal Angelo was raised up in such circumstances and learned the skills. This violin was made at his age of 42 when he matured most in his life as a luthier. The wood-cut of the back that features this violin, and the golden yellow old varnish will impress those who touch it.

Mr. Shlomo Mintz, who is a worldwide renowned violinist and Chief Judge of Munetsugu Angel Violin Competition, loved playing this violin for years, thanks to which its powerful sound can be listened to in many of his excellent recordings.

Special rental toMio Yoshie Mio Yoshie

Giovanni Francesco Pressenda (Ex. Schultz) 1831

The 3rd prizeGiovanni Francesco Pressenda (Ex. Schultz) 1831

Pressenda learned from Lorenzo Storioni, a skilled Cremonese artisan, and after moving to Torino, he completed his original form that was like fusion of Stradivarius and Guarneri del Gesu. Its dark red varnish has high quality feeling. The sound is full-bodied with a solid core. Those who hear its sound may imagine that the maker might have known what the sound effect would be in a big hall of today. While about 300 years have passed since the prestigious old instruments like Stradivarius were made and the best time of their musical quality is said to be passing by, artwork by Pressenda is expected much to replace Stradivarius in the future. Mr. Gerhard Shulz, who played the second violin of Alban Berg Quartet, loved playing this violin for years.

Special rental toJea Ook Lee Jea Ook Lee