Co-sponsor of “HAMAJACK
Golden Egg Audition”

For the young talents that will make next generation

As part of a special support program, we lend prestigious instruments including Stradivariuses.

This is a program where part or the whole of a monthly rental fee is paid by us for young performers who are learning to be a professional (Instrument insurances are to be paid by a user).

Co-Support to Golden Egg Audition by Hama-No-Jack

The audition is held at Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall every year. Nippon Violin supports Hama-No-Jack Concerto Soloist Audition and Golden Egg Audition, and is supposed to lend prestigious fractional instruments specially to children who are learning to be a professional musician.

Vincenzo Ruggieri 173x

Vincenzo Ruggieri 173x

Place of making Cremona, Italy
Maker Vincenzo Ruggieri
Year of making C. 1730
Size 7/8
Length of back 34.5 cm
Nicola Amati 165x

Nicola Amati 165x

Place of making Cremona, Italy
Maker Nicola Amati
Year of making C. 1650
Size 5 mm longer than 3/4
Length of back 34.0 cm

Golden Egg Audition, prize winners & supplementary prizes

  • Marina Wako,Old French (fractional)
  • Miyu Kitsuwa,Francesco Bissolotti
  • Hina Maeda,Nicola Amati C.1650
  • Kanon Miyamoto,Nicola Amati 16XX (fractional)