Moennig archive

We have acquired archive of information,
references and photos of violins from William Moennig & Son,
the major string instrument company in USA

The major string instrument company, William Moennig & Son closed its history of 100 years (1909 - 2009) in 2009. We acquired their archive of information, references and photos of more than 5,000 old violins.

William Moennig & Son started its business in Philadelphia, USA in 1909, and was one of musical instrument companies with the longest history in the USA, of which client list included worldwide renowned musicians like Jascha Heifetzas, Isaac Stern and Fritz Kreisler. The musical instrument company with long history handled over 5,000 violins during its business time of 100 years, and their photos and references that show owners of the past have been acquired by Nippon Violin.

The archive provides us with reliable support. For example, a photo and reference prove that Antonio Stradivari1731 “Romanoff”was once handled by Moennig, which Nippon Violin donated to a domestic foundation in 2003. Another example is reference that describes that the famous Antonio Stradivari 1714”Dolphin”(owned by Nippon Music Foundation and now used by Ms. Akiko Suwanai) was once handled by Moennig.